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Programs & Courses

Programs & Courses
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Welcome to CARM's® program offerings. Our professional development and coaching services will enhance internal / external stakeholder communications, improve working relationships and develop employee performance and wellbeing.

We focus on these core attributes as they pave the way for increased competitive advantage, business sustainability and improved organisational performance through the engagement and enablement of human capital.

As a specialist training and coaching provider our services focus in on three core areas of professional development, incorporating CARM's® 'state of mind and way of behaving' methodology, including:-

  1. Communications training to improve internal / external relationships and for dealing with challenging interpersonal engagements that require enhanced influencing and negotiating skills.

  2. Coaching and mentoring to assist managers and supervisors navigate internal change processes and improve employee performance management outcomes

  3. Constructive coping skills for managing workplace stress and improving workforce sustainability and wellbeing.

Our unique 'CARM Approach' is incorporated into all our training and coaching services. We develop skills that are considered counter-intuitive, enabling critical outcomes to be achieved and issues to be managed. We focus in on the more complex interpersonal interactions, so they can be successfully navigated in what managers and staff might refer to as 'their most challenging moments'.

CARM's® Communication Skill Development Programs:

  • Persuasive Influence - Applied Persuasion
  • Relationship Centered Negotiation - Principle Oriented Influence
  • Improving Workplace Communications – Enhancing Stakeholder Relationships
  • Managing for Performance - Engaging Employees Through Effective Dialogue
  • Assertiveness Skills – Appling CARM's® Empathic Assertion Method

CARM's® Personal and Professional Development Programs Include:-

  • Coaching & Mentoring - Through A Change Period
  • Constructive Coping - Managing Stress & Improving Workplace Resilience

We assist our clients by integrating the learning strategies with specific individual and organisational goals. We can offer tailored in-house programs to either small groups or to individuals through our applied coaching sessions.